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TWO SHOWS, ATLANTA: I’ll get to that in a sec. My day with Lakeland yesterday was AWESOME. Thank you to Sam and all the good folks of Florida Southern. Had a packed morning show, then tacos, then a packed workshop, then a packed, caffeinated Q & A at Concord Coffee and finally incredible Indian supper. DO NOT get in between me and a samosa. Don’t. Anyhoo, a fun, wild day! Thank you, Florida.

We’re heading up to Atlanta this afternoon, for two shows at the Switchyards Downtown Club, well, right downtown in Atlanta. There’s a show Wednesday night and a show Thursday night. Both are free. Links are below, Atlanta.

We can tell you this much: We’ll be mixing stuff up a bit each night…with a lambasting of tall tales, weird instances, hot topics, loose chatter, weird glances and uncomfortable pauses. All the while, drawing from our road experiences, so-called professional practices and, an upcoming book project that is UNSTOPPABLE at this point. Things might get a little weird each night.

One thing will be consistent from night to night: We’ll have a FULLY STOCKED DDC MERCH TABLE for all to decimate. We’re lugging posters, nuggets, trinkets, Field Notes, weird plastic things, stickers, patches and what not up for the two events. At “Atlanta-Only” pricing. Seriously.

Okay, the links:

Draplin Design Co. at Switchyards Downtown Club, Wednesday, Jan. 27!

Draplin Design Co. at Switchyards Downtown Club, Thursday, Jan. 28!

Come to the shows, Atlanta! Two nights!

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