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THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY HERE IN PORTLAND: That Marc Maron will be performing at the Aladdin Theater and Revolution Hall here! Both shows are SOLD OUT. Leigh and I have tickets. Big laffs. Special guest Dean Delray, who comes highly recommended by one of very favorite drummers, the incomparable Patrick Keeler.

I got to make the poster for the shows! And I owe that one to Coop! Fuckin’ Coop, man! That Coop! The Coop I’ve been nerding out over since, what, ‘94 or ‘95? He vouched for me on Twitter, Maron took notice, we DM’d, my papers checked out and I got the gig. Very, very proud to roll up my sleeves for my favorite podcast. Big fan, here. Fired up.

Alright, back to making pages, people. See you at the shows!

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Nice. I’m a fan of you both, so this makes me happy.

Posted by: Desi on 07/10/15 at 8:28 AM

Can I buy one of these posters?? I love both you and Maron.

Posted by: Donny on 07/13/15 at 10:35 AM
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