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March 12, 2015
Today, Ruston!
Posted at 09:55 AM

Now that’s a first! Wow! BZZZAAAAP!!!!

Our newest poster release, “Vive La Louisiane!”

LET ME HAVE IT, CHILDREN OF THE BAYOU: We’re in Ruston, Louisiana for the day with the AIGA Louisiana Tech Student Group! We’re doing workshops. We’re having lunches. We’re shooting the shit. We’re telling our stories. We’re unleashing our new “Vive La Louisiane” poster tonight at the show! Be here, Louisiana! 6 in the P.M. at the Wlyl Tower Auditorum! Our whole mess.

There is One Comment

Thank you sir! Our students were so very excited to get a taste of life from a truly inspirational person. We all needed your tall tales and wish you a safe trip home! Peace out!

Posted by: Patrick Miller on 03/13/15 at 4:58 AM
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