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CANCELLED FLIGHTS, NO BIG WHUP: My flights back from Ottawa got screwed up in Detroit, so I had them book me for the next morning. Turns out my sister Sarah was flying in from Orlando, returning from an audiology conference. I hopped a ride with her up to Ann Arbor for the night. Mom was down state so I got to see her. Uncle Terry too. And on Sarah’s fridge was this Record Eagle clipping showing dad ringing in the Traverse City holiday season. All those people! I saw it one time. Fire trucks brought him in! Santa arrives! I remember hugging Dad in the melee and him whispering in my ear, “Why don’t you go fuck yourself.” Or some “sweet nothing” along those lines.

That’s sister Sarah in the upper right, “providing security” for Dad.

Damn, I miss my dad. Come back, Dad.

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