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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 01, 2014
CYBER MONDAY! Bleep! Blork!
Posted at 12:00 AM


IT’S CYBER MONDAY, YOU CYBORGS: And coming off the RAGING SUCCESS of our BLACK FRIDAY madness, we’re gonna extend our “Any Two State Posters For $50” promotion. Do the math, you robots: That’s a whopping 17% off our normal “$60 for two” price. And yes, that goes for our Canada, California, Michigan and Pennsylvania posters, too, which are $35-$38. What the hell, right? The savings go up when you get into those big dog posters. We are not afraid.

And we throw shipping in, too. Cyber madness!

Click here to scroll through all the posters we’re offering. Sure, we don’t have all the states, but dammit, we’re trying. We did this last year, and a year later, we’ve got another ten in the mix. Check ‘em out here!

Click the link below, follow it through, and when you get to the section that says, “Tell us what two posters you want!,” then, tell us what two posters you want. Simple, right? Today only, shoppers!

You feeling electronic? Connected to the net? Half human, half machine? It’s CYBER MONDAY all day on the DDC factory floor, and we’ll be rolling poster and shipping two-fers all over this fine land, and, maybe even to some distant, exotic locations, too.

The “Any Two State Posters For $50” offer extends to all nations, but of course, we don’t cover the shipping for stuff outside the states. See details below for our international buddies.

(And just like on BLACK FRIDAY, this promotion excludes our “Space Shuttle Tribute,” and “Thick Lines” poster series. Those are at their normal price, which, if you as us, isn’t all that bad. There you go.)

Raging success! Thanks, you guys!