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STAYED UP LATE LAST NIGHT, WAY PAST MY BEDTIME: To see those Replacements pay respects to Mr. Chilton on the Jimmy Fallon show. I’ve read/heard a lot of chatter about them “being tired” and “bullshit cash grabs” and “not the original band” and all that, regarding their reunion tour. But, c’mon, it’s Paul and Tommy! Sure, they nailed it back in the ’80s, and maybe they’ll nail it again? Turns out they are. Even if it is just two of ‘em. I have a feeling Slim would be up there if he could. And, well, Chris Mars is doing his own thing with his painting. There’s still some magic there, and I love seeing it on the tube, and would love to see them at some bullshit festival somewhere. Just to see Paul and Tommy. American classics.

You’ll be 54 someday, and you should hope you’d be just a smidge as cool as these fuckers still are. Go get ‘em, fellas.

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