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Draplin Design Co., North America


HEADING OVER TO BOSTON THIS MORNING: We’ve got OFFICIAL BUSINESS there this weekend, in the form of American Field! We’ll be setting up a booth with a robust offering of Field Notes and DDC merch! Things you need, friends. Things like Thick Lines posters, space shuttle t-shirts, DDC action caps, every set of Field Notes in our ever-expanding line, weird shop rags, logo posters, Boston posters, pens, pencils, coin purses, creepy combs, stickers, bric-a-brac, stuff and weird plastic things.

The booth will be manned by top level Field Notes Midwest representatives, as well as Field Notes Northwest delegates. All items are priced at “Boston Only” prices, and, we’ll just say it again, are “priced to move.”

Like all of our traveling endeavors, we’ll be offering up free advice, general conversation, weather speculation, cosmic rambling, cheap comments, uncomfortable silences, odd exchanges, hard looks, peculiar handshakes, coded language, freewheelin’ threats, loose banter, small talk, spirited dickering and random outbursts. Free with purchases, and more often that not, completely unsolicited. Fun for all.

Oh yeah, there’s a chance Evan Rose will be in the booth. You man enough?

Plus, we’ll be “telling my whole story” Saturday night to all in attendance. Definitely bringing up the “low end” of the roster, but like all our speaking endeavors, we’ll be treating the lecture as if it “was our last.” We’re going for broke. All the warts and moles.

We’ll see you there, Boston! Saturday and Sunday! Sun-up until they clear us out.

One last time, that’s “American Field,” you beasts. Look it up.

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