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July 12, 2014
Missing Dad Real Bad
Posted at 10:15 PM


WAS FEARING THIS: Y’know, coming home to another incredible “summer back home” and being so excited for a break, and yet, the shadow of Dad being gone haunts. I find myself looking for him around the house. Talking to him. Going from sad to mad to weirded out. Digging through his stuff and wondering where he is. What the fuck are we going to do with all this stuff? Dad? Come back.

I just wish he was here. To stare me down while I’m working. That’s what’s going on above. Dad sat down, and locked into a serious stare. So glad I spent as much time as I did with him last summer. Just Dad and I in the living room. Dad watching his Tigers game. Me working. Fucking with each other all day long. Conning him into making me a sandwich or salad. And he always would. I miss those sandwiches. With extra pickles. Shit, here comes the waterworks.

Gonna be a weird summer up here in the Michigan Northwoods.

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