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May 25, 2014
Iconaut Training
Posted at 11:31 AM


ALWAYS TRAINING, ALWAYS TRAINING, ALWAYS TRAINING: Got some training from the top brass of Always With Honor and their Iconaut training program! Super fun. Leigh came along and totally slayed it. And she doesn’t make icons! It was awesome to see her discover stuff. She is always telling me, “I can do that stuff!” And I tell her back, “No, this is serious shit. Scientific stuff that only .0000001 of the populace are born with.” And today, well, she made me eat those words.

Thanks to Tyler and Elsa, and great to see Buchino, Duane and Yvonne, too! A cool afternoon thinking about climatology! One tough icon!

And damn, check out the cool patch all trainee get! Pretty boss.

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