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April 11, 2014
TYPO Conference SF - Day 02
Posted at 10:18 PM


SO FAR, SO GOOD: Really diggin’ all the talks at TYPO SF. My favorites so far have been Josh Higgins, Victor Moscosco, RenĂ© Knip, Prem Krishnamurthy (Great to meet you, man!), Gemma O’Brien, Emmet Byrne and Emory Douglas! Yeah, that Emory Douglas, the brother behind the graphic design of the Black Panthers! Wow. So heavy. Think about all the bullshit careers in graphic design…entire lives making shit no one cares about, right? And then think about the stuff that guy makes. So cool. He just wrapped up and I am sort of embarrassed to be going after him. How does one follow that kind of guts? Thank you, Mr. Douglas!

Alright, I’m going on that stage and am going to LAY WASTE. Minutes from now…

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