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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 02, 2014
Today, Saskatoon!
Posted at 02:20 AM


SASKATOON, WE LOVE SAYING YOUR NAME: We’re telling our WHOLE DAMN STORY, warts-n-moles and all today at the FUZE Conference! I’m up in the hotel room crying right now, scared. It’s gonna be a tough Canadian crowd! Go easy on me, Saskatoon. Man, I love saying, “Saskatoon.” Just a fun word to come out of a mouth. And, a kick-ass town. Okay, gotta get my ass back down there to tell my story…

There is One Comment

You have the most unusual, meandering stream of consciousness keynote speech I have ever heard, but it was absolutely AWESOME to hear your tall tales.

In some crazy messed up fashion it all worked and it was thoroughly entertaining.

I wanted to exchange business cards with, but you gave me this bitchin nylon comb!

I showed my teenage son the comb and told him back in the day with a tube of Brylcreem or Pomade and this hair manipulating device you were ready for a weekend on the town.

By the way, although the Manitoba Bison is a cool Canadian logo, the best still has to be CN.

Great Keynote speech! Enjoy your stay in Saskatchewan.

Posted by: David on 04/02/14 at 7:00 PM
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