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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 25, 2014
Tonight, Columbus!
Posted at 08:47 AM


YOU BETTER BE THERE, COLUMBUS: Calling all Columbus College of Art & Design champion students! Call all Columbus designers! Hell, all Ohioans! C’mon, Columbus. One night only!

We came all this way! Braved turbulence and elbows and dying electronics to get here. We’ll be telling our road-tested story tonight, with updates and twists and turns, and that shit’s getting going at 7:00 in the PM. Here’s the Facewhizz superlink for tonight’s gig at MindMarket!

Us, telling our whole story. Orange stuff. Long dogs. Tall tales. Logos. Vectors. Laffs. Questionable content. Big words. Small ideas. Sweat. Fun. Multi-media. Full DDC merch table. Be there, Columbus!

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