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FROM SUN-UP TO SUN-DOWN: Today’s “John Moreland Day” on the DDC factory floor.He’s playing at Dante’s tonight, and we’ll be damned if we’re missing it. Last time he rolled through, we were on the road doing one of our speaking fiascoes in some rotgut city, and missed him. Still sore about that. John’s at Dante’s tonight, and you should come see this guy play.

My Santa Cruz buddy Eli turned me on to his Everything The Hard Way record a couple years back. Big anthems, and man, I was hooked right away. Shit’s so precious these days. So nimble. And here’s a guy playing rock-n-roll, and it’s big and simple and just fuckin’ right. I needed that. Thanks, Eli, and thanks John.

I plan on getting a big, meaty handshake from John tonight. If time allows, we’re hoping to have him by the shop to shoot the shit some, outfit him with however we can help and celebrate the power of a guy driving around the nation playing his songs. It still exists. Go see John tonight, Portland. Seriously.

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Thank you!

Posted by: Mark Jones on 03/20/14 at 6:39 AM
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