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March 28, 2014
Goodbye Cleveland, Goodbye Mom
Posted at 08:33 AM


HARD TIMES FOR THE DDC: First off, I didn’t want to leave Cleveland. I wanted Little Jacket to adopt me, put me to work and then hose me down at the end of the day. Damn. Cool shop! Check their stuff out.

And of course, I hated having to get on that plane and leave Mom behind. Always hate that part. My sweet, little mom, having to drive all the way back to Detroit all by herself? What kind of son does that kind of thing? Well, my mom isn’t like other moms. She’s tough, in a nice way. It was great having her as “security detail” in and around Cleveland. And I already miss her. Bad. See you in three weeks, Mom!

Special thanks to AIGA Cleveland and Cleveland Whiskey for taking such good care of me. What a kick-ass show. Thank you!

And EXTRA SPECIAL “FUCK YEAH” thanks to OK Pants and Jayson Shenk for coming to the show! Boom!

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