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February 07, 2014
Calexico Morning
Posted at 12:12 PM


Couldn’t help but get “real grabby” with Joey.

Hell yeah, Ryan!

IT’S A LONG LIFE: And I hope to live another 99 years. And when I die, at the ripe, withered aged of 139, I’ll remember this morning as one of my greatest of “rock-n-roll mornings.”

I met Tucson designer Ryan Trayte of Sayswell Design Co. awhile back when I spoke in Phoenix. Nice, nice guy, and we spoke about living in Tucson (he drove up to the show) and how he worked closely with Calexico on record packaging. I about died. Got to work for Calexico? Killer.

I love Calexico. All the way back to “Spoke” in what, 1997? Those songs punched me in the face back then. I knew about Giant Sand and Friends of Dean Martinez, and specifically, their rhythm section composed of Joey Burns and John Convertino. When these guys made their own thing, I went nuts. Loved the stuff.

Convertino’s drumming is high, high on my list. Such swagger and grace. I forget to watch all the other players in the band when he’s behind that kit. Incredible.

The Black Light came out and blew me away. Southwestern sounds! I ate up Scenic and Friends of Dean Martinez and bits of Giant Sand. This stuff was new, and yet, broken-in and beautiful.

Okay, fast forward half a life…uh, some 17 years later. And this morning, I got to meet Joey Burns from Calexico. Ryan set it up!

Joey is quite possibly the nicest fella in ALL of Arizona. We spoke of bands, and records, and art, and travel, and going for it, and family, and travel, and tarantulas, and he handled me and my “fuckheadedness” with great poise and patience. Thank you, man.

I love Calexico. And sometimes, you meet the guys from some band you love, and they are dicks, or weird, and then you can’t listen to their records ever again the same way. That’s not the case here. My love for them is cemented that much more. Hell, I listened to all my Calexico stuff this week. Even the Iron and Wine stuff. Even Joey’s stuff with Neko Case. Such a talent.

We had these little pizza breakfast things, and man, I destroyed mine. Thanks again, fellas! Making friends!

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