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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 23, 2014
Today, Facebook!
Posted at 01:15 PM


TODAY’S THE DAY, FACEBOOK DESIGN PEOPLES: We’re getting in “a car” soon that’ll whip us down to Menlo Park, where we will be telling OUR COMPLETE FUCKIN’ STORY to whoever’ll hear it. Word from Facebook top brass is that the thing is filling up pretty quick. Pressure’s on! We’re not afraid. We’ve got some tall tales to tell, some ups-n-downs to smell, some posters, hats, trinkets and Field Notes to sell, and this shit GOES DOWN in a couple hours. Fired up! See you soon, Facebook campus!

- - - -

WE DID A LITTLE INTERVIEW WITH FACEBOOK: “Aaron Draplin Comes to Facebook”

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