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January 17, 2014
Made A Volcano Choir Poster!
Posted at 08:55 PM


SNAG ONE OF THESE AT THEIR SHOW: We got a call some time back to do a poster for Volcano Choir. And we did just that. I know Thomas Wincek from the band, from MCAD many moons ago in Minneapolis. Couple years back I got to do an All Tiny Creatures record for Portland buddies, Hometapes, and I’m reading the liner notes and think, I know that Wincek name. Then we met on the streets of Chicago a year ago. Just a couple of dudes, in downtown Chicago.

I’m a fan of Bon Iver. Really dig those soothing sounds. My little sister Leah got to Justin Vernon first. The story goes, his For Emma record was played the whole time nephew Oliver was incubating. He came out humming those songs. That’s when I finally caved in. I had heard about this Wisconsin guy amongst the Indie Rock ranks, but like everything, I come to the game a little late. I love the stuff. Wisconsin! From Eau Claire! I’ve whipped through that town a number of times.

Couple years back I got to do a Megafaun logo and record. Got to meet them when they came through town. Nicest bunch of bros you’d ever meet. I was huggin’ on them and shit. So beardy and happy. Just awesome. Love those tunes, too! They’re buddies with Justin and Thomas. One big Wisconsin rock-n-roll clusterfuck. We dig it! Hell yeah.

The Volcano Choir tour starts tonight in Phoenix. Go catch a show, you scrubs! And buy a fuckin’ poster!

There is One Comment

Very nice! It conjures up images for some Sci-Fi alien encounter movie or perhaps just a distant memory of driving west to Wendover?

Posted by: Ian Geroux on 02/01/14 at 12:21 AM
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