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January 24, 2014
A Killer S.F. Visit
Posted at 03:22 PM


I’VE ALWAYS LOVED SAN FRANCISCO: And man, that was another great trip. Got to go to Alcatraz, take a tour of the city, eat some good meals and tell my WHOLE story to Facebook down in Menlo Park. Pretty amazing!

Walking in the airport in this morning, I was punched in the faceā€”yet againā€”by the wonder of air travel. Always gets me. How you can be 500 miles from somewhere, and be there in a couple hours. By rig, that’s a cool 10 hours. By wagon or whatever, it’s a couple months? I don’t know. I just think about this shit.

Special thanks to Josh Higgins for bringing me down to Facebook. Had a hell of a weekend, met so many cool folks and got to pull the curtains back on Facewhizz. Pretty cool place. Like, you’d punch in, and never punch out. A campus with free grub and bike tune-ups, a dangerous sweets shop and a printing shop and everything else. Wild!

Had a good time with Leigh Leigh. Let’s go back…

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Uncanny. Just got back from a trip to the Bay Area myself on the 23rd. Took my daughters for the whole enchilada California experience from bottom to top; San Diego to SF. Amazing stuff.

Disney, desert, freeways, In-N-Out, surf, freeways, redwoods, strip malls, Mavericks, freeways.

Wish we could’ve squeezed Alcatraz in there too. Great pics.

Keep on truckin’.

Posted by: Nate on 01/30/14 at 6:52 AM
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