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December 12, 2013
Red Fang "Blood Like Cream" Video!
Posted at 09:22 PM


I’M ALWAYS KICKING MYSELF: Red Fang’s always hitting up Portland to be in their videos, and every damn time, I’ve been on the road or locked up or hiding out. Always something. Their new video for “Blood Like Cream” had the band asking people to show up to be made into zombies. Zombies who devour beer! Fun idea, and fuck if they didn’t pull it off again. Hell yeah, fellas. Hell yeah, Whitey!

And sure, I’m a little sour I couldn’t get in the crowd of zombies, but, we did manage to get our bad self in there in the form of THE HAT that Red Fang 5th member COYLE WAS WEARING! That’s a DDC “Open Road” in “Road Rash Red!” Back in stock soon, roaddogs. Soon. Thanks, Coyle. Lifetime supply, buddy. You know the deal.

- - - -

REQUIRED VIEWING: “Blood Like Cream.”

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