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Product Description:
I grew up with that Space Shuttle in my dreams. When they retired the thing, a wave of sadness overtook the DDC factory floor. Every 18 months, I’d tune in to see the latest crew, their patches, countdowns, missions specifics, etc. I miss that. America needs another shuttle for the generation to believe in! Growing up, be it through LEGO sets, Halloween costumes or on my grade school Trapper Keepers, I always had our beloved shuttle on the radar.

Hell, I’ll never forget watching the Challenger explode in 1986. The whole class tuned in that day, and I’m betting you did too. I think about Christa McAuliffe’s students, and her family. So much anticipation, excitement, and ultimately, tragedy. I’ll never forget the smiles on the crew the day before, on that grainy newscast. Thank you for your bravery, Challenger crew.

So we made a little graphic for that shuttle we loved so much. And how said vector came to be is a bit bittersweet. Someone sent me a link to a NASA-sponsored “design a patch” contest that had come and gone, and they had settled on some turd of a patch. So posthumously, I threw my hat in the ring, and that’s what you are seeing here. I hope you dig it.

After finally meeting the Mama’s Sauce crew earlier this year, I left waving a big meaty finger in the air, threatening the following words: “I will find a project for us to work on, and soon!” And Dad and I split in blaze of dust and ink.

Their Orlando roots, space knowledge, screen printing mastery, and, their striking distance vicinity to that Space Coast and the ghosts of so many shuttle launches, ultimately sealed the deal. Some time ago, high level negotiations took place between the DDC and Mama’s Sauce crew captains Nick and Brooks, we sent off the vector, and today, we offer up our tribute to our beloved American Space Shuttle Program.

The 3rd Edition is SEVERELY limited at 150 pieces. Seven colors on white! Wait until you see the gold speckle up close!

Product Details:
01. Printed on durable uncoated white poster stock.
02. Seven colors! Inspired by shuttle mission patches and gold instruments.
03. 18” x 24”! Or, 12 6”x6” Space Shuttle tiles. Look it up.
04. Proudly printed by the spaceballs of Mama’s Sauce, just 50 miles from that Space Coast.
05. The “Poster Kit” comes with two stickers and a Tattly. Fly those colors! We’re offering the stickers as a three-pack too!
06. The perfect poster for that launch room command center, cargo bay ceiling on the 2056 shuttle, Orlando print shop wall, Portland factory floor break room bulletin board, classroom wall or on some kid’s bedroom wall, in plain view while falling to sleep dreaming about space. Especially there.
07. Our third edition! We’re calling it “American Ingenuity.” 08. Dedicated to the American Space Shuttle Program, 1981-2011.
09. Hand-numbered, using our patented freehand technique.
10. Insanely limited edition of 150. Priced to move.
11. Free 3” x 26” burly kraft poster tube with each order! Reusable.
12. Two free white plastic end puck thingies.

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