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Draplin Design Co., North America


WE’RE DEEP UP INTO THE HOLIDAY SEASON, RIGHT?: Sure we are. And in true DDC fashion, we’re late to the game some, and always putting stress on shipping times, shopping decisions and whatever other half-ass shit we generate due to our loose ways. Sorry. Invoice us.

Here’s a collection of “shit we love” and want you to consider for you holiday shopping needs. Like anyone else, I’m susceptible to that “bah hum bug” thing during the holi-daze season. But man, it’s nice to give a cool give to someone you love, fancy, work with or need to mend some bad tidings with. Here’s a big pile of bullshit that just might do the trick, and bring the world a little closer together.

Or hell, just load up on shit for yerself, and screw the rest. You pick the way you want to do it, America! Get dirty with some of the stuff on this list. Act now so that shit can get shipped by Christmas Day. Then you can listen to Red Fang’s new “Whales and Leeches” record while scribbling shit down in some new Field Notes, sipping some warm bullshit out of a nice Heart mug. Sounds good, right? It does.

Get that warm feeling with some purchases. Kickstart the economy. See, now this shit is for America. Don’t let yer country down, citizens. Something like that.

Happy Holi-daze from the fuckin’ DDC!

- - - -


01. COAL HEADWEAR - “The Interstate” Cap

Check those mountains. Makes me want to actually go outside. Big leap.

- - - -


02. UNION BINDING CO. - “2013/2104 Flite Binding”

Man, I love this colorway we made. Acid Green and Camo? Kick butt.

- - - -


03. FIELD NOTES - “Cold Horizon Three-Pack”

So cold, minty and frost-bit. Be careful with these. Cold to the touch! Metallic inks!

- - - -


04. COBRA DOGS - “Red Dragon Hoodie”

A logo we made for our goddamned buddy Corey Grove. Dude’s on the DDC shit list for life.

- - - -


05. RED FANG / RELAPSE RECORDS - “Whales and Leaches” Red Vinyl!

TURN IT UP, you behemoths! DDC buddies Red Fang did it again. Volume to 11.5.

- - - -


06. AESTHETIC APPARATUS - “Nature Print”

Dan and Mike were voted “Minneapolis’ Finest Citizens” this year. Congrats, fuckers. We like this “Nature” print a lot. Get one. Or five.

- - - -



We recommend it on vinyl. And loud. MP3 is cool too, in a pinch.

- - - -


08. FIELD NOTES - Field Notes COLORS “Expedition” edition!

There’s a guy traversing subzero lands with these in tow, RIGHT NOW! Ballistic.

- - - -


09. BURLESQUE NORTH AMERICA - “Exo Print” by Ben Lafond.

Ben Lafond is one of very favorite bros. Guy’s done INCREDIBLE printing for the DDC. Thanks! Buy three of these.

- - - -


10. BURLESQUE NORTH AMERICA - “Tools of the Trade” 4th Edition Poster by Mike Davis

Mike Davis picked me up from the airport once. We’re still thankful for that one. We are VERY DOWN for anything “Mike Davis.”

- - - -


11. FRENCH PAPER CO. - “Sample Pack Multi Unit”

Start a new life with all the colors of the French Paper Co. spectrum! Wow.

- - - -


12. FINEX CAST IRON WORKS - “12” Cast Iron Skillet”

We made the logo on that skillet! Can’t wait to make a grilled cheese sando in one.

- - - -


13. SIZZLE PIE - “Pizza Butts Drive Me Nuts” T-Shirt

Like the shirt days, pizza breath.

- - - -


14. OHIO KNIFE - “Ohio Knife is OK” EP

Come on, people. We got to do a show with these guys in Cincinnati. It was fucking awesome.

- - - -


15. FIELD NOTES - Field Notes COLORS “America The Beautiful” edition!

Comes with a water decal! Serious shit.

- - - -


16. POLER - “The Mini Duffle”

Got one of these recently and have been using it for my gym bag. Party’s over, girth.
- - - -


17. HEART ROASTERS - “Heart Mug”

It’s a nice mug. I don’t even drink coffee. But man, this is a nice mug. Wille-approved.

- - - -


18. CAMPFIRE COLOGNE - “Sacred Sage” Spirit Fumes

Let the spirit invade your nostrils, ears, peehole, belly button and poop shoot. Weird.

- - - -


19. CHUNKLET - “The Indie Rock Cred Test Book”

Will you make the cut? Doubt it.

- - - -


20. BEETEETH - “West Was Won” Foil Prints Set

Salt Lake City’s best. High on the Wasatch. Hell yeah!

- - - -


21. DRINK WATER - “Circle Tap Sweatshirt”

I’m gonna go get a big glass of water now. So thirsty.

- - - -


22. POLVO - “Siberia”

We’re locked in the ’90s with Polvo. One of our favorite rock outfits. We’re locked in 2013 with this one, too. Thanks, you guys!

- - - -


23. LANDLAND - “Calexico Summer Tour 2013 Poster”

Dan Black was here yesterday. Left me one of these. It’s going on the wall. So fuckin’ good.

- - - -


24. FIELD NOTES - Field Notes COLORS “Pony Express‚€ Leather Pouch!

Hold everything in this pouch! Breaks in so awesome. Will last you for no less than 9,999 years.

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