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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 21, 2013
Black On Black On Black
Posted at 07:55 PM


NEW SAMPLES IN THE SHOP: Black on black on black. New DDC action caps are in the works!

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About time, dammit. That is all.

Posted by: Jason Duerr on 12/23/13 at 2:45 PM

Damn that’s nice. Where do you get your blanks? I’ve been looking for the perfect bright green hat for this awesome CCC patch I picked up this summer.

Posted by: Matt on 12/26/13 at 7:21 AM

I want that hat sooo bad. My current ddc cap is in ‘hiking, camping and manual labor condition’, still going strong but need something that my old lady will let me wear out in public.

Posted by: Chase on 12/30/13 at 2:00 PM

Blacker than the blackest pitch, times infinity! I MUST HAVE!!!!!!

Posted by: Adam Jeremy Agee on 01/06/14 at 3:14 PM
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