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November 20, 2013
Heading Down To Oklahoma!
Posted at 08:32 AM


TWO TINY FLIGHTS, AND WE’RE IN OKLAHOMA: We’re heading down to Oklahoma City today, as we have OFFICIAL BUSINESS to attend to in the land of the GODDAMN FLAMING LIPS! Our very favorite singing act of, well, well over half of our stupid, little life. Going back to about 1992/3? Saw then at Val Du Lakes with the mighty, shotgun-blasting Butthole Surfers! Would’ve been for their “Hit To Death…” album. I remember it being loud, and during the day.

Bands like those Buttholes and the Lips changed the way I looked at music, art, creativity, going for it, not giving a shit, making something out of nothing, growing out yer hair, cutting it all off, hitting the road, throwing it all away, being frugal, playing the tunes loud, scheming up yer own life and about 42 other things. Thanks, weirdo acid-drenched freakout rock music, or whatever you’d call it.

So yeah, we’re on our way down, and we’re excited to tell our little story, make some friends and hang out in Oklahoma City. Come to the show! ALL Oklahomans are invited! Someone invite George Salisbury! Someone invite Wayne!

AS OFFICIAL AS IT GETS: The DDC vs. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

Into the strong hands of our buddy Sandip, I give the entire DDC…

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