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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 04, 2013
Tonight, Cincinnati!
Posted at 08:52 AM


GOT CALL DOWN TO THE FRONT DESK: Need to get my rental rig out of the valet vortex! And I need that rig, so I can drive my girth over to meet up with Ohio Knife to go over the MULTIMEDIA LIVE ROCK-N-ROLL showdown we’ll be wrastlin’ tonight at the Rheingeist brewery! Cincinnati, we are here, we are rested, we come with a mountain of merch, tall tales, vectors and fire in our gut to slather you with. Shit gets going at 6 in the PM, and we need you there! Do it. If not for us, for Ohio Knife. That band rips and I can’t wait to meet ‘em and construct the best way to RIP YER CHILI MAC-SOAKED FACES OFF. Tonight, Cincinnati! Seriously. Here’s the link: DON’T MISS THIS.

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Don’t miss this guy! He is a gem of folklore and cosmic wisdom and man can he design his ass off…
thanks for visiting Aaron! Have a great night with Cincinnati:)

Posted by: Abbie at SAA on 10/04/13 at 10:54 AM

One of the best presentations I have ever attended…and hot! Man I was sweating.

Posted by: Janet Berberich on 10/07/13 at 6:46 AM
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