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Draplin Design Co., North America


TONIGHT’S ONE OF THE BIGGEST NIGHTS OF OUR STUPID, LITTLE LIFE: We’re having a little gallery show at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design! Shit gets going at 6 in the PM, in the Concourse Gallery. Here’s the official details: Click here and get right with the DDC!

The unofficial details are these:

01. We brought EVERYTHING we’ve made since we left MCAD in 2000.
02. See every single version of Field Notes in one spot. The COMPLETE collection.
03. Meet the parents! Jim and Lauren Draplin will be on hand, in the flesh!
04. See a monster wall of every “Things We Love” poster we’ve ever made!
05. Meet our shining beauty of a lady Leigh. Look for her “glowing rays.”
06. Get nasty with a wall of 100 of our favorite logos!
07. Stand in from of a wall of every t-shirt we’ve ever made!
08. Eat healthy finger foods. Load up on that shit. Free!
09. Meet people like Hugh Weber, Jon Baugh and even Ryno Simonson.
10. Stand around and look awesome. This one is up to you.
11. Check our “wall of sound” with every record we’ve ever designed.
12. See how Coal, Union and snowboarding brands have given us life.
13. Get dirty with a monster wall of DDC Bric-A-Brac. It’s all up there.
14. Full DDC merch table! Can’t miss it. Things you need at Minneapolis prices!
15. New “Pretty Much Everything” poster will be in effect! Full goddamn color!
16. Be there, Minneapolis! Or else.

- - - -

AND HOLY SHIT, DON’T FORGET ABOUT THIS: We’re telling our story to a room FULL of AIGA people tomorrow! For the annual AIGA design conference, Head, Heart, Hand! Be there! Downtown at the big convention center! So many names. Totally freaked out and going for broke. Come witness our demise. Yay!

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Goddamn! Wish I could be there.

Congratulations & good luck.

Posted by: Justin Braem on 10/11/13 at 8:15 AM

Good Lord, man. Not only is the body of work impressive, the amount of effort and forethought that this had to take is silly. You win.

Posted by: Chad Morgan on 10/11/13 at 2:00 PM
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