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October 21, 2011
Still High On Seattle
Posted at 04:35 PM

(Dad “warming up the crowd” and me keeping that sumbitch in line. Photo: Teske)

WASHINGTON STATE FOREVER: The Seattle talk went INCREDIBLE! Holy shit, you guys. I am glowing. Thank you. Seriously.

Some heavy names showed up: Invisible Creature, Cory Groveburger, Harry, Ian, Styk, Jynn, Fank, Pat Wright, Peter Line, Blue, George, Brad, Bailee, Mat, Mat’s better half whose name I can’t remember cuz I suck, Romney, Tony Teske, Three Japanese ninjas from Custom Produce, Joe Florence, Sean Tedore and so many other heavies! Thanks, guys. Honored!

Special thanks for 52 LTD, Ace Hotel, Gibson Showroom, Mr. Bloch, Gabe, Amtrak, those chocolates, Denise, and everyone who helped set the fiasco up. Thanks! And while we’re at it, just cuz, we’d like to thanks Tad Doyle, Art Chantry, Mark Arm, Steven Jesse Bernstein for hours of amazement. Jack Pepsi!

And for all of eternity, infinity and while we’re at it, foreverville, we’d like to thanks the impressively awesome Eric Hillerns and Designspeaks for taking such incredible care of Leigh, Mom, Dad and I! You, Sir, are held in HIGH REGARDS on the DDC factory floor.

We rode the train back from Seattle this morning. Lots of room in those seats! The “outlet next to the expanding tray” thing is a nice feature too. Make me want to travel by train across the nation. Maybe snag a sleeping room? Sounds awesome.

Thanks, again Seattle!

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Great job again! engaged the whole time and great stories. Brought me back to living in Iowa and the simple things that make us happy!

feel better!

Posted by: sean tedore on 10/25/11 at 9:28 AM

Whoever took that shot must have been standing right next to me…wait a minute - you pilfered my shot you sonofabitch! Nice. Kidding of course - thanks again for the inspirational evening. You can steel from me anytime - I’m sure I’ve stolen from you once or twice…

Posted by: Tony Teske on 10/25/11 at 10:38 AM
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