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October 01, 2011
Junking In Jacksonville
Posted at 07:22 PM


HELL OF A MORNING, FELLAS: Got up at the ass crack of dawn to get out and junk a bit around the spread out neighborhoods of Jacksonville. Tron Burgundy led the charge with a carefully-articulated plan of attack. Florida buddies Jonathan Lawrence and Brian Nelson jumped in too. We hit a bunch of garage sales and then a couple antique malls, scouring JAX for thick lines and whatever else we just can’t leave behind. Tron landed some monster ball jars. I found some weird Florida patches and snapped 100 photos of other treasures. You know, “Shit, rescued.” Like I’ve always been saying. Delusional. Like we care.

Hell, downtown, we ran into Dan Marlarkey! Coulda went one of two ways: 01. Amicable Meeting 02. Street Fight. We went with option one. (Had to get on the plane in a couple hours.) Awesome seeing you guys out there on the mean streets of JAX!

Thank you to Tron, Jonathan and Brian for dragging me out there. Had a hell of a time.

Up above, you’ll see Jonathan with a weird “swim zone” license plate. Now, before I gush about how FUCKING AMAZING, THAT LOGO IS let’s just take a deep breath and get the facts straight. This was just another garage sale. In some old lady’s canopied backyard. There was a stack of license plates there, and Tron was rifling through them and came across this gem. We got some shots and in the end, Jonathan walked away with it. Just incredible.

Here’s the lesson, you pukes: The shit’s out there. You just gotta find it. Even in the backyard of some old dame who’s got wayyyy too much whimsical yard art and whatever. You just gotta look.

Man, I had a great morning, fellas. Thank you! Just as I was splitting, we stopped by the poster show Patrick Carter was working up. Great, great work! Karen Kurycki showed up with a parting gift for the DDC: Fresh-Squeezed Florida Orange Juice and a monster Gold Bond. Helluva parting gift!

Thanks, Jacksonville!

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So awesome! We’re glad to have you back down here any time, infinite amounts of brown sugar water for everyone. :)

Posted by: Karen Kurycki on 10/06/11 at 6:14 PM

Loved the post. And I agree completely.

The shit’s out there!

I found a really cool pig-slaughter-map when I was helping my girlfriend’s stepdad move and we cleaned out his garage.

Inspired me to create a process chart for my site and it turned out exactly like I wanted it to.

I’m a bit reluctant to go to flea markets and such held in schools over the weekends. The smell of waffles mixed with kid farts and grown-up sweat is disgusting, but it’s WORTH IT.

Anyway, rambling here. Nice post Aaron. And that swim sign is off the hook!

Posted by: Emir Ayouni (@growcase) on 10/15/11 at 7:42 AM
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