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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 06, 2011
We're Coming To Seattle
Posted at 02:54 PM


CAN’T ELABORATE JUST YET: Seattle, you big sonofabitch, we’re coming up to you in October! We’ve got some choice words for ya, and will be setting the record straight once and for all. We’re on the Designspeaks roster, so you know this one is legit!

We can say this much: Seattle’s mighty Invisible Creature is on board, and coming to Portland. We’re heading north to fill the hole they leave in Seattle. A “swap” of sorts. Spit swap. You won’t want to miss their talk in Portland, and so help me Gary, if you miss our talk in Seattle….we’re fuckin’ done.

Not doing this stuff for my health. Doing this stuff to SURVIVE and STAY PRODUCTIVE and STAY OUT OF PRISON and LIVE A LONG, GROSS LIFE and MAKE GOOD SHIT FOR GOOD PEOPLE and GET AWAY WITH HIGHWAY ROBBERY and, Seattle, we’ll be sharing the finer points of these aspects with you. Life lessons. Hot air. Expletives. Special guests. Big fun. TAD-sized good times. Wood goblins.

And fuck if we don’t have the one and only Lloyd Winter helping out on this one. Thank god there’s someone with their act together.

We’ll share more data when I’m authorized to release it. Stay tuned!

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Oh hell yes. Come on up. The sasquatch awaits.

Posted by: Huckleberry Hart on 09/08/11 at 1:43 PM
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