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September 01, 2011
Target Talk!
Posted at 05:41 PM


THAT WAS A ROOM FULL OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: I spoke to Target’s internal creative department today, and man, it was fun as hell. Got a couple hearty laughs out of those bullseye brawlers, sold a stack of posters and shook a bunch of hands. If I might be so bold, and I will, I’ll just go ahead and declare it a big, goddamned hairy success, and I thank them for having me.

Thank you Jon Baugh! So appreciated.

There is One Comment

Dudeā€“ I have told your Farmer Jon story numerous times already. Completely inspiring and a damn fine day having you here.

Hopin Mr.Baugh sent you the DVD. I was the dude filming. let me know if it doesn’t find it’s way to you. I can burn up another and shoot it your way.

absolute pleasure good sir. keep on speakin the word!

Posted by: Brian on 09/09/11 at 1:07 PM
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