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September 25, 2011
Pains Flambo Jambo
Posted at 06:01 PM


IT’S ALWAYS “FIREWORKS SEASON” AROUND HERE: But I hafta say, after this one time in Mississippi with Ryno, lighting firecrackers in the cockpit of Big S, I sort of moved on. That was just a little too wild. Fuckin’ Ryno. Anyhoo, Portland’s own Brad Simon sent us an incredible link to the U.K.’s foremost expert site on firework packaging, aptly titled the “Firework Heritage Museum.” Get in there. Now.

Things like this, this and this, and a ton of others. Just incredible.

Brad’s no stranger to incredible typographic bouts of mastery, so, take his word, and our, and don’t miss this one. Good score, man. Thanks for passing it along…

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