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September 05, 2011
Labor Day R & R and More R
Posted at 06:38 PM


WE’RE NOT DOING SHIT TODAY: Wait, that isn’t true. We had a little rest and relaxation, but then squeezed in a little work, you know, to keep the ball rolling that we built up in August.

Had a nice day with Leigh, Leah, almost-brother-in-law Jacob and rugrat Oliver. That is one cute kid. Big, sloppy open-mouthed kisses on whoever’ll take one. Gross. So wet.

- - - -

SOME CLARIFICATION, UP ABOVE: Those images are from the estate of Peter Baker, Ann Arbor, Michigan. One HELL of a photographer, designer, coder and beardist, know his stock price is enjoying high returns. Serious creative chops here, people! Really.

And shit, if you need any letterpress action, be sure to hit up his better half Michelle at Elevated Press. What don’t these kids do? And, they have a little one on the way. Very creative, these guys are. I saw the work up close one afternoon awhile ago. Dragged my dad there to meet them. Great people.

Hell yeah to the Bakers! Michigan is lucky to have them. Really.

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