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September 13, 2011
Chopping Them Off The List
Posted at 06:27 PM


DIDN’T TAKE TOO MANY SHOTS IN THE WOODS: Remember Camp Dale? Came and went. Too fast. Took a couple snaps of all the dudes, then proceeded to eat a bunch of flanksteak and sit in a camp chair. In that order.

But as I was taking my tent down, I noticed the logo on someone’s ax that in camp. Might’ve been Chris Dunn’s, or maybe even Orion’s. Hard to say. But man, that is one boss ax logo. Can’t dispute that one, can you? Nope.

- - - -

IN OTHER NEWS: We’re still busier than you. In fact, we just got off the phone with a good buddy who makes awesome stuff at big company and I’ll be damned, I had to respectfully pass on the project he was offering up. That kind of busy. Phew. But of course, we’re chopping shit off the list daily. Each hour, it’s something.

Today, we dabbled with these:

- Coal’s December ad for Transworld Snowboarding.
- Coal’s December ad for Snowboarder Magazine.
- Coal’s October ad for Vice.
- Union’s new web site.
- Union’s new Danny Kass super pro super model.
- Union’s December ad for Transworld Snowboarding.
- Field Notes logos.
- A post for Field Notes!
- Two ads sent out for Timberline Lodge. Yes!
- One final reformat for Richmond Fontaine’s Australian release.
- Our Philly poster.
- A logo for our favorite Portland screen printers.

That’s what we did. That was just the dayshift. We’re going to Target in a bit here to stock up on underwear and things to wipe butts with and healing creams and whatever else. Then, the fuckin’ nightshift starts.

Just another Tuesday with the DDC, you mouthbreathers!

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