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July 15, 2011
Summer's Humpday
Posted at 11:44 PM


HALFWAY ACROSS THE SUMMER MONTHS: July 15th, already? Really? Man, that went a little too fast for our liking. Weird.

And hell, we could give two shits about the summer months. Too much heat. Too much light. Kinda hard to believe. It’s been super nice in Portland, too. No crazy-hot days. Cool temps. Hell, it’s even rained a couple times. That never happens in the summer here. Shit gets warm in June, the grass on the lawn dies and it’s bluebird out for weeks. We retreat for the shadows.

Humpday, people. Hlafway through June, July and August.

Back at the ranch, the lawn is mowed, weedwhacked, edged, raked and tidied up. Just in time for August’s heat where everything dies.

It’s summer time. Be cool.

- - - -

TONIGHT, WE HEAD OUT TO THE AIRPORT: Not to pick up my beautiful woman. No, no. no. Leigh flies in tomorrow night. Tonight, we ship a shitwhack of “Everything Ohio” and “Totally Texas” posters. Holy shit. Thank you to everyone who bought one! On their way…

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