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Draplin Design Co., North America


FREEDOM WEEKEND: I’ve been working like a real motherfucker all week, and hell, since I got back the Ohio/Iowa/Michigan mission. All day affairs.

And hey, this is our strategy. Thankfully, the phone’s been ringing, and we are heeding the calls. In fact, we just inked a deal with a little enterprise that we can’t wait to elaborate on. But for now, our big, wet, cracked lips are sealed and we’re not saying shit. Just know this much: It involves elevation, history and Oregon majesty. So fired up.

Tonight we hit up the OMFGCO open house to see their new digs. We’re to report these guys built themselves an incredible shop, with ample space, well-outfitted with a nice mix of new and old shit, with a lingering atmosphere of creative freedom and “sky’s the limit” spirit. We dig, even as our stock drops point by point as these gents proliferate. Great, great, smart work. And they aren’t afraid to get dirty. 100% backing the OMFGCO!

Saw all the cool heads there, ate a hot dog, shot some shit and we split out to Target to shop for stuff that keeps our armpits, buttholes and hardwood floors clean and tidy. Full disclosure, people.

We wrapped up the night with a feast at Chaba Thai with our favorite Fred. Good to see you, fucker. More Fred. Nailed it.

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dude! you make me laugh. thanks, i needed it…

Posted by: scott on 07/05/11 at 2:39 PM
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