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June 04, 2011
Booze-Soaked Brawn
Posted at 01:16 PM


DOWN THE HATCH: Paddock goes digging in his parent’s basement and finds the booze-soaked image you are seeing above. Damn. Weird shit. Thanks, Mike. You are a finely-aged liquor, in a world of warm beer! Damn. From a different time. Prob’ly from long before, well, you. Think about that, then, get a ass pocket of something nasty, get a good drunk on and vomit all over that wireless keyboard.

There is One Comment

What is that from? I see a weird crease on the left side of it… it would be pretty amazing if it was from a bottle of something! Way cooler than a can of “BEER” for sure

Posted by: Martin Beran on 06/09/11 at 10:19 AM
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