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May 26, 2011
Old Fire
Posted at 02:18 PM


This is a little something I snagged while I was in Nebraska. Nick found it in an old pile of matchbooks, and offered it up to me, being the nice guy he is. I elbowed him and wouldn’t let go. All’s fair when junkin’!

And, this little matchbook got my ass in trouble with the TSA people at the airport. I thought I’d be real safe and put all the matchbooks I bought in my checked luggage. Turns out that doesn’t cut it. They let me carry them on, which, still doesn’t makes sense. Weird.

Cool logo from Kearney, though. Dig it.

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Yep, that was a tough fit…but in the end you were victorious. Great find, along with more we found that day. Hold on to that one…for one day I will be back to clam it once again.

Posted by: Nick on 06/01/11 at 9:08 AM

My old college town, nice!

Posted by: styk on 06/01/11 at 2:22 PM
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