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Draplin Design Co., North America


LOUD AND PROUD: Alllllllll Abooooooooaaaaarrrrrrd!

Alright all you rail bosses, yard bulls, brakemen, engineers, hobos, transients, drifters and downright bums, we’re proud to announce that we’re officially shipping our latest DDC cotton offering aptly titled “Freight Train Torso Covers.” It’s time to bend the iron and get on track with the DDC. The right track.

Let’s get it going, you bug slingers: DDC-042 “Freight Train Torso Cover”

All the sizes that matter. Same for the colors. Good for spring, summer, fall and winter. Layering device for cold mornings in the railyard, or in well-lit, safe offices behind bright monitors. Versatile.

- “White North White” on “Oil Tanker Black.”
- “Yard Bull Helmet Orange” on “Bleed Out Maroon”
- “Yellow Belly” on “Grand Canyon Turquoise.” (New territory!)

Get on board with the DDC: DDC-042 “Freight Train Torso Cover”

So grease the pig, and get yer orders in! We printed a shit ton of the things, so there’s lots to go around. But why wait? This is the moment. Cars are connecting. Engines wheezing. Steam steaming.

All proceeds go towards “survival” and “future DDC offerings”: DDC-042 “Freight Train Torso Cover”

- - - -

WIPE THE CLOCK: Courtesy of the Brotherhood o Railroad Signalmen, we offer you: “Railroad Terminology, Slang, and Definitions.” Study up, you hot box dicks!

- - - -

HIGH ON OUR LIST OF “THINGS WE LOVE”: A nice set of Freight Train Logos.

- - - -

SHOULDN’T HAVE TOUCHED IT: That old Amtrak logo is still out there, thankfully. I can’t even look at the new one. Fuckers. Instead, I think of moments like this.

- - - -

LET THIS ONE LIFT YER SPIRITS: Chris Guenzler reaches his “Millionth Amtrak Mile.” Now we’re talking.

- - - -

CAN’T GO WRONG WITH THESE THINGS: A nice set of classic train logos housed over at Flyer Goodness.

- - - -


01. Backsliders - Southern Lines
02. Steve Earle - Train A Comin’
03. Unwound - Fake Train
04. Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming

There Are 3 Comments

Ahhh, these are sick bro! Might just have to buy two :)

Posted by: jonathan on 05/13/11 at 11:38 AM

A wise man once told me: “Nothing says ‘I don’t get it’ like purple.”

Posted by: Matthew Cooley on 05/13/11 at 11:56 AM

The Amtrak logo is unbelievable. Imagine having that actual signage mounted on the wall of your office…

Great work on the shirts.

Posted by: Shelby White on 05/14/11 at 11:57 PM
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