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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 01, 2011
Texas Poster Hand-Off!
Posted at 01:53 PM


LOGISTICALLY SPEAKING: We’re moving one door over. Or as smarter folks than me would say, “One space over.” We’re in a space. Anyhoo, each day I come in, a section is gone, and over to the new shop. Dale and Scott of “Dale Allen Dixon Logistics Co.” have been moving all the shit over. Precious cargo.

- - - -

SHIT’S GETTING SERIOUS, AUSTIN: We handed off our poster to the fine folks of Industry in Austin this morning! For a little event we’re contractually binded to called “DDC vs. Austin: Tall Tales From A Large Man.” Three colors on the thickest paper ever. Get one at the show. Must-have item. Fair price. Will reveal artwork next week, to swoon you. Another chapter in our halfwitted “bric-a-brac” technique. Texas shapes. Texas logos. Texas lore. Texas tunes. You need this. Can’t wait to see it on the paper!

- - - -

AND, AND, AND: What you are seeing up above is one of the incredible logos we wrangled together for the poster, from Texas, a speedway somewhere. Boss vectors right there.

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