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April 16, 2011
Record Store Day 2011
Posted at 06:40 PM

Red Fang’s Aaron and David get the job done at Jackpot Records downtown. Yes!

Got my copy of Murder The Mountains signed by the Red Fang rock enterprise! Just need the Coyle signature to call this one a wrap.

- - - -

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE MORNING: Up early, Leigh, Ewok and I headed over to Music Millenium for Record Store Day 2011! Left the house at 5:45 AM. In line at 6:00 AM, a good 15 nerds from the start of the line. Heard a lot of lyrics like, “Been here since 4:15 AM” and “It wasn’t like this last year!” up front, and behind us.

One turd, jumping the gun, let out a lazy, “Oh, we can’t have any of that” to us. Referring to Ewok joining our spot in line. Cutting the line? Watch that tongue. I promptly put that fidget in his place with a pointed barrage of “He’s with us/We’ve waited all year just like you/Shut the fuck up” that left him speechless, staring blankly down into his coffee cup. No control with these record guys. No tact. No social skills. Take a deep breath and size up that fact that little kid was simply joining his mom in line, man. A mom who loves him dearly. Just like yers.

Anyhoo, those were the only fireworks. I managed to score a monster pile of stuff. Big Star, Flaming Lips, Built To Spill, dBs, Gram Parsons, Mastodon, Midlake, Urge Overkill, GBV tribute and a little EP from a band called Nirvana. Fun shit, all around.

A great morning!

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