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April 24, 2011
Easter Nephew
Posted at 04:41 PM


NEPHEW ACTION ON EASTER: Spent the day with Leah, Jacob, Leigh, Ewan and the little rugrat. Had a pork roast, cheesed-out potatoes, green bean casserole, apple pie and ice cream. Approved! Thank you, master chefs! I’m hungry thinking about that meal. Damn.

Highlights of the day revolve around the little nephew Oliver. Walking a couple steps, saying a couple words, giggling, smiling, wet, slobbery “kissies” and all that shit. Eleven months later and I still get that twitchy cosmic feeling when I study his ears or the his neck, or the way his hands connect to his arms. Cycle of life stuff, people. Blood’s thicker than water.

Each Easter I think about the incredible baskets we’d get each year, and, those eggs, and the weird vinegar smell with the color dips, and, that weird little metal egg holder thing you’d use to dip the eggs with. I think about those. The PAAS kit, the little color tabs, cutting the things out of the box, folding them up, etc. Thank you, Mom and Dad.

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