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April 08, 2011
Austin Weekend: Day 02
Posted at 11:33 PM

Dale and Evan set up the DDC merch table. Professional. Precise.

Bart Kibbe arrives with a stack of Texas posters! All smiles.

Sinuhe Xavier showed up for support. An old buddy from my wild and raucous Will Redd years.

The merch table was hopping. Check out Dale using the Square thingamajig!

The place was packed! And EVERYONE got in. Or else.

What it looks like seconds before you make a foll of yerself in front of 1,001 Austinites.

We got invited over to McGarrah Jessee for a tour. These are the folks behind Whataburger and Shiner’s incredible design. Big fans, we are. You walked up their stairs and are staring at this modernist gem by Florence Knoll. Wow.

John Tullis, everyone! I met John the night before at the talk. Get a load of that fuckin’ beard. Seriously beardy. Best beard I’ve seen in just about all my years. John’s an Art Director there, and holds his own on his projects, and in the “face fur” department. Not to be messed with.

This fella came out to show me his Field Notes collection. So awesome.

This guy drove all the way up from San Antonio!

Happy Texans!

The lay of the land: Eight screens / Eight inks / Eight Designs!

Pink Thunder! When you got it, you got it. This dawg’s got it.

The “wall of ink” you were faced with. Seriously awesome. So proud. Like a rock concert!

The screen needed a little break. Very popular, this design was.

There Are 5 Comments

Whoa next time I get my picture taken I better give the evil ojo, or show some leg! Great time seeing / chatting with you guys. Hell I would have driven to Dallas. Great event!

Posted by: Patrick on 04/12/11 at 4:25 AM

Fantastic shirts! Are any, specifically in the 2nd to last picture, going to be available on the internets?

Posted by: Christopher on 04/12/11 at 6:33 AM

Thanks for the flattering imagery and words.

I’ve already let my friends know that I’ll be known as Pink Thunder from today on.

Posted by: Alan Lauer on 04/12/11 at 9:37 AM

How do I get one of those “very popular” orange Texas t-shirts? Love that design.

Posted by: JC on 04/13/11 at 7:43 AM

how i do some things for our home.i and my family love from design.

Posted by: printing fort myers on 04/27/11 at 3:44 AM
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