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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 04, 2011
Think Fast, But Not Too Fast
Posted at 04:17 PM


GONE, FOREVER: What you’re seeing up above is a little something I walked up on, pondered a purchase, and headed off to another room hunting for forgotten, long-dead little logos.

Leigh weighed in on this one, over my shoulder, breathing down my neck: “The reason I didn’t grab it, is because I didn’t think you’d like it, dickcheese.”

Well, are all the wires crossed! Sumbitch. Some outfit we are.

In estate sale situations you gotta think fast. And I did. And I am stingin’ over not snaggin’ this circular hunk of wall pottery, from a time long ago when women wore macrame vests and styled their hair to that of Fleetwood Mac album covers.

- - - -

MORE STERN WORDS: You little rats better be checking out The State Mottos Project daily! New shit going up every couple days! Some heavy hitters on there! Go. Now.

- - - -

SOME GOOD PRESS FOR THE DDC: We got written up on Coolhunting! So awesome. Thank you, Adrienne! Appreciated. I’ve been checking out that site for years, so hell, it’s an honor to get on there. Thank you!

- - - -

HOT AIR OUT OF A BIG, GROSS BEARDHOLE: Yobeat’s Jared and Brooke took the DDC factory floor by storm and before I knew it, had me in front of a camera, interrogating me. Here’s the first part of our interview with them: “Designer Hump Day With Aaron Draplin”

Thanks, you “Upper Stark” beasts! It’s always weird to see my big melon shooting out flames. I need a shave for fuck’s sake. Beardy, in a bad way.

I dedicate my beard to my dad. I’ve never seen him without one. There might be some gnarly scar underneath all that muff, for all I know. He’s in town, and I’m going to check tomorrow. Delicate research.

- - - -

NICE COLLECTION OF INCREDIBLE LOGOS HERE: OCUPOP makes incredible logos, and here’s proof. Hell, they make all kinds of stuff.

- - - -

NEXT WEEK, NEXT WEEK: Something way cool from Field Notes. Seriously awesome.

- - - -

01. Clash - Sandinista!
02. Clash - Combat Rock
03. Drive-by Truckers - Go Go Boots
04. Grids - Kansas
05. Jesus Lizard - Goat

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So today I found out that Florida’s damn motto is ‘In God We Trust’

Thank you Jeb Fuckin Bush!

Posted by: J on 03/06/11 at 6:18 PM

Nice on the OCUPOP link..good stuff and good peeps…the little bird is me.

Posted by: Marcy Corcoran-Neerhof on 03/31/11 at 5:24 AM
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