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February 03, 2011
Thick Lines Stop Me In My Tracks
Posted at 12:49 PM


ALWAYS BLOWN AWAY BY COOL ICONS: And Tim Winters serves up a hot one this morning titled “Spacing Oddity” about letter spacing rules for British road signage. Pretty interesting stuff.

But when you scroll down, there’s a poster called “Symbols” that completely stopped me in my tracks. Check those icons!!! Man. Hours of incredible stuff there. I want that poster! We posted it up above, just to cement it on the DDC for the ages. Thanks, Tim. Appreciated.

- - - -

YOUNG JERKS, LOVE THE STATE YOU LIVE IN: I can’t believe I didn’t link this one yet. So dumb on my part. Well, here’s a little project you DO NOT want to miss: 50 and 50: The State Mottos.

Daniel Cassaro of the impressive, spritied Young Jerks is the muscle behind it, and called upon 49 of his colleagues to contribute to the interpretation of their home state’s motto.

For instance, Upper Midwest shining jewel Erik Hamline took on “The Star of the North” for Minnesota. Cool as hell. One of our favorites out there, Mr. Mark Weaver completely manhandled his home state of Massachusetts with this one! Rad shit, all around.

We just submitted our Oregon nugget. Glad to be involved. Proud.

Once again, for good measure: 50 and 50: The State Mottos. Get in there, daily!

- - - -

OPERATION “COLD CALL” IS ABOUT TO BEGIN: We’re tired of all the digital chatter. I mean, shit, there are people out there that could be robots for all I know. So we’ve got a short list, and we’re going to make some calls, just to shoot the shit. For no other reason. I need to hear some real voices, internet. You’ve been warned. The DDC is going to be calling, and soon. No link here. Just a mellow phone threat.

- - - -

GOING TO THIS ONE, AND GETTING WAYYYY DIRTY: A nasty little estate sale over in Vancouver this weekend.

I’m going to be eyeballing that crossbow set. Hell yeah.

- - - -

IF YOU MESS WITH THE BULL, YOU’LL GET THE HORNS: Bobby McKenna did just that! And came out unscathed.

Be sure to check out his work here. Really, really nice stuff. Vectors, people. Power!

- - - -

UP, AND FOR SALE, READERS: Our “Thanks MPLS” poster in “Winter Colors” is up at Burlesque and for sale! Our second run. Proud. Wayyy limited edition of 150. Going fast as fuck. You need one. Let’s do this. First run sold out in 47 minutes, or something.

Alright, with our pitch done, we offer up the link. Go: “AARON DRAPLIN’S WINTER IN MINNESOTA” poster. Thank you, Burlesque. Thank you, Minnesota. Thank you, readership who bought one in November, and just might grab one now. Grand Canyons of appreciation! Act now.

- - - -


01. Big Business - Head For The Shallow
02. Townes Van Zandt - Live At The Old Quarter
03 Sweet Apple - Love & Desperation
04. All Tiny Creatures - Harbors

There Are 5 Comments

Thank you sir. Can’t wait to see that Oregon piece!

Posted by: Mark Weaver on 02/03/11 at 1:18 PM

You better put me on that call list, jerkface.

Posted by: Joseph Hughes on 02/04/11 at 12:01 PM

Good shit all around.

Posted by: Anthony Lane on 02/04/11 at 5:13 PM

My favorite symbol is the 1st one in the 1st row, which by the way, should always be 1st and foremost over every and all things. Love Aunt Mary

Posted by: Aunt Mary on 02/07/11 at 6:50 AM

Erik was a former DOE intern! RAD!

Posted by: styk on 02/07/11 at 6:43 PM
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