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February 25, 2011
Battling Ghosts
Posted at 11:15 AM


SOMETIMES YOU STRIKE OUT: We went to a pretty rough estate last weekend. You know, some little house that still smelled of sadness or death or the late stages of convalescence. Or something. You walk into those joints and you instantly feel it and you just sorta write off the whole place. Like, it’s off limits or something. Whatever you’d find there is just sort of, void. It’s still someone else’s. So respect that and split.

On the way out, I peeked into a sparse bedroom, and there were a couple medical items on a dresser. Weird. For sale? Ugh. Well, the little S logo thing you are seeing above was on a box that held some kind of hernia support wrap thing. Weirder yet.

Sometime you battle ghosts in these places. Get in, get out. Not for me. At least I found one little logo, and would like to pay respects to the person—either with us in some old folk’s home or in some other dimension—who allowed us to rifle through their stuff. Respect.

- - - -

CALL ME RIGHT NOW: Yeah, right now! Couple weeks back I got a nice invite from one Shane Mahoney about an interview for the impressive Travels of John website. If I remember correctly, I got the email, and wrote him right back saying, “I’d love to do it! How about right now? Call me.” And he did, and we had a great conversation, talking about all sorts of shit. He asked me a bunch of questions, and I gave some long-winded answers: Here’s our interview on Travels of John.

I’m really honored to be on there. I mean, my hot air exchanges pale in comparison to some of the heavyweights on there. I’m bringing up the low end amongst those champions!

Here’s a couple you don’t want to miss:

01.“Angelo Dundee - The Guy Behind The Guy.”

02. “Jakoma Machok - One of the Lost Boys, Succeeding in America”

03. “Sam Valenti IV - The Considered Aesthetic of Ghostly International‚€™s Music”

- - - -

TONIGHT, BEND: PUSH Skatedeck Art Show and Auction! Tonight! Bend, Oregon. I’ve got my two board here ready for the big show! I want to show you guys these, but have to refrain due to “professionalism” and “not letting the Gary out of the bag” before the big show. Hell yes. We push off a little after noon. Down to Bend. Know the route well.

- - - -

ROCK TALK, ROCK SUCCESS: Danava’s Andy and Greg came in with a couple copies of their new EP. We designed it up with them a couple months back. The thing turned out incredible. Here’s a shot of us celebrating that slab of vinyl. Ollie-approved!

Go: Grab a copy here!

- - - -

MY HOMETOWN: “Minnesota” Schille finds a funny one from my hometown, what looks like ages ago. Still enough to crack me up. Good, clean fun.

- - - -


01. Sebadoh - Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock
02. Danava / Earthless / Lecherous Gaze - EP
03. Smog - Red Supper Falls
04. Small Faces - Small Faces

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