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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 08, 2011
NOW SHIPPING: "Alaska Posters!"
Posted at 11:56 AM


NOW SHIPPING, YOU TUNDRA BEASTS: Our Alaska poster from our chat up there a couple weeks back! We lugged a mess of them up there, sold through them, and kept a little stash back down here in the Lower 48. And we’re offering them up to you, right now, at a fair price. Shipping included right into it.

Click here to get some Alaska going in your house, home, arctic outpost, lean-to, quonset hut, jail cell, lean-to, apartment, halfway house living room, stodgy design shop, cubicle, classroom, etc. Multiple uses, with a heavy dose of “Land of the Midnight Sun” spirit in each poster.

Three colors on the thickest, whitest, meanest paper ever. Printed up by the good people of Seizure Palace right here in Portland. Thank you.

Get it going here, lovers of Alaska! Going fast. Act now.

- - - -

WORDS WE’RE LIVING BY: We made a little entry for this cool thing called “Six Words Story Every Day.” We got the invite to participate and busted a little something out: Here’s our six words. We live ‘em. Hourly.

- - - -

ONE HELL OF AN ICON PROJECT: Minneapolis’ Matt Rezac sends in “what he’s been working on lately” and man, it’s a real headturner. The Northern Spark festival, with an incredible set of icons detailing the Minneapolis metro area.

I went to MCAD with Matt back in those late, late ’90s. Great guy, great designer. This link makes me thankful. Thankful to have met all the kids I met, and, a decade later, thankful to see them doing awesome work. All of them! Even Ryno.

- - - -

THIS ONE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN: Been here a million times, and it always is a gust of wind in my sails. The David A. Bontrager Vintage Letterhead Collection. Incredible stuff. Learn something here, people. I have been schooled by this link many, many times.

The kind of link that makes me glad to be alive. Some old guy takes the time to post that stuff for all of us to enjoy. There’s something cool about just that. (Thank you, Jeff Givens!)

- - - -

UP FROM NEW MEXICO: Tomorrow night at the Native American Student & Community Center: Humble Invasion Art Show by a group of punk rock Indian kids from New Mexico. You should go. Sounds pretty awesome. Hell yeah! (Thanks for the Tip, Werwath!)

- - - -

WE’RE COMING FOR YOU, MISSOURI: DDC vs. MIZZOU! Thursday night! Cage match! We’ve been “Midwesting the Northwest” for some time now, and we’re coming in hot. As part of our ramshackle “Tall Tales From A Large Man” get-up-on-a-stage-and-let-it-fly speaking series things. One night only. Gonna be fun. Middle America. Middle of Missouri. Middle of yer mind!

- - - -


01. Swervedriver - 99th Dream
02. Swervedriver - Mezcal Head
03. Tanner - Ill-Gotten Gains
04. Tad - Eight Way Santa

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Just got mine! Thanks Draplin! Any more states on the way? 2 out of 50 down…

Posted by: KO on 02/28/11 at 9:39 AM
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