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January 07, 2011
Venturing Into Town
Posted at 10:15 PM


The day had one highlight, and that was supper downtown with buddies from high school. Campbell, Bry, Chad, Miner, Blaha and Hale! Leigh drove me in and we chowed down and shot the shit at the North Peak Brewery. Didn’t know where else to go. Traverse City is growing, but seems smaller and smaller each time I come back.

It was awesome seeing everyone tonight. Thanks for coming out, fellas. Good stuff.

The hanger steak at North Peak is recommended. Comes with good mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies. Could’ve eaten two plates of that jive.

Plus, it was nice to be outside, in the snow. I forget what it’s like, you know, out there in my wet, Portland winters. Snow is just better. I don’t miss it, but, it’s just better. Nice and crunchy and white. More fun. Yay, Michigan. Yay, homelands.

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