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January 08, 2011
Saturday Poster Battle
Posted at 08:31 PM


Spent the day working on a poster, for an upcoming gig up in Alaska! Got my wind back today and knocked out a poster, with haste. It’s just been hard getting back into it all. Feels weird to be so sluggish. I fought hard today, and just about got my poster done.

Seizure Palace in back in Portland is gonna print this beast, so that’s rad. haven’t met them yet, but have seen lots of good work from them the last couple years. Excited to print some shit locally!

I’ll show the poster once I get approval from the Alaskan AIGA folks. Real proud of this one. Getting excited to go back to Anchorage. It’s been a decade since I was up there. Fun. Colder than a mother-in-law’s love! Land of the Midnight sun. But when I’m up there, it’s gonna be a winter solstice, or real close, so that means one thing: Long, dark days. Can’t wait to experience that. I like dark.

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