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FEELING MIXED UP: This is the sort of shit that’s been going through my head the last couple days, regarding the annual SIA trade show going down this weekend: I should be in Denver tonight. But I’m not. But I should be. But I didn’t go. And shit, maybe there’s still a flight leaving Portland? And nah, still feeling a little woozy. But shit, they might need help with the booth? And damn, I want to see those catalogs in action! But, damn, I can’t swing it.I should be there. Just to fuck with Evan, if anything. To hang with Marty. To take abuse from Brad. To put stickers up with George. Damn. There’s still time. I blew it. What’s for dinner?

Nevertheless, the cover to the new Union catalog is posted above, and we’re proud as hell of it. Now, make believe that you can feel the debossed bindings lifting off the page. And the the logo in the upper left corner, that sucker is a foil stamp. Shimmery. And the paper, it’s uncoated and feels real good in the hands. The spine is incredible, tightly packed and sharp. Very proud of this one!

Have a good show, Union and Coal. Rip the shit out of the industry!

- - - -

YOU JUST KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT: You know, that feeling of, “Man, that is really great.” In the weird world of art and design, and how fast the links go up, and get chewed up, and how much new stuff is out there, painfully, it’s nice to see something that stops you in yer tracks and makes you think. Lot of commas there. Makes you feel good someone stumbled onto it out there. Magic.

Here’s the needlepoint illustrations of Peter Crawley, and man, they are GORGEOUS.

Check out his “colour wheel.” Beautiful. We dig. So subtle. Best thing we saw all week. Bravo.

(I snagged this link off the Coudal.com Daily Signals super feed, with no guilt. None. Five finger discount. Thanks, Chicago.)

- - - -

WHOLE LOTTA NEBRASKA IN HERE TODAY: Jontue Hollingsworth came by the shop with a couple Nebraska buddies. Met the guy last week in Alaska, and he’s touring town. We shot the shit, talked some serious Minneapolis-ness and then I forced them to buy some posters at cut-rate prices. A good time was had by all. Have a good time in town, fellas!

- - - -

OVERLAPPING? MAYBE: I think I’ve posted this one before, and if I did, I don’t give two shits. Ryan Werth sent me this one a long time ago, and man, I keep going back to it when I need some strength. Maybe it’ll have the same effect on you. Maybe not. Here goes: “American Revolution Bicentennial, Photographed in Etowah TN, JUL 2007” Our favorite logo of allllll time. Thank you, Bruce Blackburn! And thanks, Ryan!

- - - -

BEHOLD THE POWER OF “FUTURA BOLD,” YET AGAIN: Here’s a link that I loved, and on second thought, think I might just like the name attached to it a little more. The fella who sent it in goes by the name Robert ‘Bob Dale’ Fraser, and man, if that isn’t the greatest sounding moniker ever, well…it just might be. Goddamn. Thanks for sharing Robert ‘Bob Dale!’

Oh yeah, the link…here it is: One mean, orange-ass cribbage board! Way orange. No bullshit. Delay of game, Phyllis! Feeling this one. Big time.’

Say it with us one more time: Robert ‘Bob Dale’ Fraser! Forever!

- - - -


01. Oxes - Oxxxes
02. Neil Young - After The Goldrush
03. Liars - First song off Sisterworld, and only the first song.
04. Replacements - Tim
05. Jim O’Rourke - Halfway To A Threeway

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I saw some coverage of the show and this guy has some shots of the Union booth: http://burritosandsnow.com/2011/01/29/sia11-smokin-union-air-blaster-686-20112012/

You have any part in the POP displays? The product shots and displays with lighting are awesome. Loving the product mag cover. You have a PDF link anywhere? I’d love to see the full layout

Posted by: Timothy on 01/31/11 at 11:16 AM
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