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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 18, 2011
Midnight Sun Poster Run
Posted at 01:43 PM


PREPARING FOR THE LAST FRONTIER: Ventured out to Foster and 77th yesterday to grab a stack of Alaska posters from the good folks of Seizure Palace, for my speaking gig this Thursday up in Anchorage!

Looking incredible! Three colors on the thickest white paper they could get in their press. So good. So proud of these beasts. Very limited edition of 150! Going fast. En route up to Anchorage! For sale the night of the gig! You need one of these, Alaska. Seriously.

Spruce up that office? Add a little color to that igloo? Inject some spirit into that cabin on the Kenai River?

Good for house, home, quonset hut, lean-to, dorm room, stodgy office, Spenard clubhouse or prison cell.

That’s a little snippet up above. Not giving away the whole design until I’m up there, on the stage, blowing hot air out of my big blowhole about things like: Graphic Design, Americana, Independence, Love, Hate and Long Dogs. All good stuff.

- - - -

THIS THURSDAY, ALASKA: Don’t miss the event, Anchorage! Click the link below and get it going.

One night only. Tall tales from a large man. True stories, and, some lies. You’ll have to sift through it. Make the call. Merch for sale. Good times. Guests of honor. Cuss words. Colorful anecdotes. Tearjerking sentiment. Mike Kirkpatrick! Orange things. Proof of existence. Facial hair. Sweat. Tyler Fanning’s alto-sham muscles. Stuff you need to hear. Stuff you need to take home. Alaska’s finest citizens in attendance. Really.

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so where might a more southern-dwelling ulu-user grab one of these? any online options planned? That’s mighty fine blue yer using there…

Posted by: Bradley on 01/19/11 at 9:22 AM

This baby will get to hang in my office, for sure. Can’t wait for the le true tonight.

Posted by: Sini Salminen on 01/20/11 at 11:33 AM
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