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January 29, 2011
Lips Vinyl Boxset Action
Posted at 05:15 PM


There’s been some chatter on the Twitter feeds about those Lips rereleasing their first five Warner Brothers stuff again on vinyl. Which would include Hit To Death In The Future Head, Transmissions From The Satellite Heart and Clouds Taste Metallic. Some sort of box set thing, hopefully in time for Record Store Day in April. That’s the kind of news that keeps a guy like me going. I listen to these albums a lot, and they sound as fresh as they did…ulp…15 years back. Wow.

Hopefully they’ll come with expanded liner notes and photos and shit. Please, Oklahoma. Dig deep, Mr. Salisbury. If you need a hand with clipping pathery or scanning or kerning or whatever, we offer our desktop publishing services up freely.

Anyhoo, that’s the shitter from Hit To Death cover up above at Wayne’s compound, I’d assume. That thing’s seen some cosmic mileage over the years, I’d reckon. Some pretty freaky assholes have done their business upon that throne. Something to think about. Weird words. It’s Saturday. Turn it on.

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